Why does everyone think selling insurance in Kenya is hard? We shall be answering that shortly. First things first…

There is always something that sets apart the successful people and the not-so-successful majority: Habits. It is not a secret that each and every human being has their own unique habits, strengths and weaknesses. This is actually true to everyone whether they are successful or not.

Every person you see on the street or the more famous ones you see on TV, all have their own strength. Similarly, they all have their unique weaknesses that grind their spirits, lives and other aspects just as your weaknesses do to you. It therefore means that to be a super seller you need to have no single weakness.

The important thing is to ensure you cultivate the strengths needed for success in selling insurance, while you work on your weaknesses that may hinder your success. While some of the traits that work out as strengths in our lives are inborn, most of the strengths needed for insurance sales are teachable. Let us explore some of the most important below.

cic insurance group headquarters in nairobi's upperhill area. selling cic insurance in Kenya is easy since it is a big brand


This is the single most important trait a financial advisor needs to make it as a super seller. The ability and willingness to learn will summon any other trait that may be deemed important in the industry.

This is simply because almost every other trait we are going to look at it teachable, at least in theory. The ability to learn will be useful to a financial advisor from the first day they set their foot into an agency.


A new insurance agent will have to learn the culture of an agency before setting out to sell insurance in Kenya. You need to understand what the dressing code, language and even conduct the agency subscribes to so that you can tune in from the word go. The next thing you will have to learn is the company itself. You will learn its name, history, vision, aspirations and ethics.

Then the crucial phase of learning the products will set in. You have to be sure not to miss anything at the initial stages because whatever you learn will not only prove important when you set out to the field but also come in handy to make you comfortable working for the particular company or agency.

The importance of proper product knowledge cannot be underestimated given the practicality of application during almost all phases of the sales cycle that we shall learn in a later chapter.

From prospecting to closing and even customer care, good product knowledge will always work well for you. Therefore as an insurance agent, you should be able and willing to learn as much as you can about as many of the products offered by your company as possible. Ignore product knowledge and failure is as sure as the sun rises from the east. You will basically fail in your bid of selling insurance in Kenya if you have no product knowledge.

After product knowledge, you will later have to go to the field where the wheels meet the road. Here you will have a ton of things to learn about. Some of them might not be taught to you by your manager or trainer, but you will learn by experience.

Experience is the best teacher on selling insurance in Kenya

As the old adage goes, experience is the best teacher. However, if you don’t have the ability to decipher what an experience teaches you, you might end up making similar mistakes now and again to your detriment.

This trait, will also determine if you will be listening to your managers or asking questions. Remember asking questions are a trait of intelligence and wisdom. Research has shown that those people who ask questions are likely to learn up to 3 times what those who don’t learn.

teacher - experience is the best teacher in selling insurance in Kenya

Attendance of training sessions & success in selling insurance in Kenya are directly proportional

It will also determine if you will be attending training sessions organized by your agency or you will be skipping them in the name of seeing a client or whatever the excuse (or reason). You should always try and attend all training sessions because the knowledge you might acquire from them are invaluable in your career as an insurance agent.

Those that do not attend training sessions for any reason actually shoot themselves I the leg. They have to ask questions later, if at all, and end up getting small crumps of information given during the actual training. However, if at all you might have a genuine reason to miss a training session, instead of asking fellow colleagues what they learnt, find out if there was any digital copy of the presentations and get your hands on them. Then go find a quiet place, preferably your home, and read through carefully and try to understand everything that you missed.

Remember you have to take time & learn how to generate insurance leads every day.


The second trait we are going to look at is one that everyone has but that we use so strikingly differently it creates differences in success that are as far as heaven and earth. What do I mean by saying we all have it? Because we have all proved it either to ourselves or to others at least once in our lifetimes. Can you remember a day that you actually acted so confidently that you cannot forget the courage you had? Maybe it was a day you talked to a large audience.

Maybe you decided to talk to that fly girl that was so cute that men were freezing by just thinking of approaching her, but you did. Maybe you had to take up a leadership position, or confront someone in a manner that you did not expect, neither did your compatriots.

You are confident – go out & sell insurance in Kenya

I bet there is one such moment for every one of us. Now what you exuded that particular day was confidence. So please spare me the idea that you are not confident. This is not something you are going to start learning afresh, it is a trait that you already have, you only have to put it to use more often.

As an insurance agent, you will soon learn, or you have learnt that confidence will give you the much needed audience with those people that matter. In this industry, I can confidently say that confidence is money. The more of it you put into use, the more money that will end up in your pocket and more food on your table. For beginners, confidence is the ability to trust in your abilities.

ask for referrals-an important aspect of the sales cycle - selling insurance  in kenyais fun
ask for referrals-an important aspect of the sales cycle

Show Up, smile, selling insurance in Kenya isn’t meant to make you dull

It is what makes a financial advisor show up, well dressed with a smile on her face, and meet a client at an high-end coffee shop where she had an appointment without switching off her phone and disappearing into thin air for the fear of visiting an intimidatingly posh joint. Confidence will make an FA make a prospect from every interaction that qualifies for such. It is through confidence that you can expand your network by giving out and receiving more business cards wherever you are.

It is confidence that will make you show up in social events and corporate events. So how do you ensure that you use more of your confidence without jerking off, recoiling or screwing your dignity?

First, learn what makes you happy about yourself and what makes you feel like a rained on hound in the woods. This is very important. Let me give you an example of myself and my best friend. Let us call him Wes. Wes has been my friend since childhood.

Childhood friends with divergent views of confident

We have done so many things together and spent so much time with each other that we know each other like the back of our hands. Since boys will always be boys, there were those times when we had to go and chase those little teenage girls during our teenage years. Whenever either of us had a date, and this usually happened in our local town as opposed to our Simbas (yea we were that classy), we always had to check out if what makes us comfortable about ourselves is worked on thoroughly.

Lameck Nyandusi - a former trainer for agents selling insurance in Kenya

This was our way of putting our best foot forward and ensuring that we came across as the knights in shining armor before the beautiful little girls. So apparently, what made us comfortable in our skins were not the same things as one would have expected of people who spent all their childhood together. My friend Wes felt as confident as a prince whenever he was dressed up to kill.

I remember his fancy expensive shoes that we could work menial jobs over the weekends in the village to afford for him. The nice trousers and classy jackets. Whenever he wore those, he actually prayed that it never rained and always wanted to greet the most beautiful girls we met.

Money is good. Makes me confident, even when selling insurance in Kenya

On my side, things were a bit simpler; I just needed money in my pocket to feel confident for any date. Not like I liked to show off the money to the girls but just the knowledge of the fact that I have some few thousands in my pocket, and would have no trouble with any of the whims that may arise from the female end of the date, made me so confident regardless of if I was wearing some gumboots or a mechanics overall during the date.

Surprisingly enough, both our methods used to work magic. However, in later years, my trick proved to stand the test of time.

Conversely, as nice and confident a personally Wes had, he was practically down-trodden as a rose on the walkway if he was dressed down. Similarly, I could have my tail between my legs on those days when I had no money in my pocket.

Back to insurance sales, as an agent, just know where your confidence comes from. For some it might be dressing well like my friend Wesley. For others it might be smelling fresh and clean. Others might be having nice hairstyle or simply having product knowledge. Whatever that makes you feel confident, please work on it as much as possible. This will play for you and will never go against you.

Finally, if you really cant seem to get these things right and you need help in getting insurance leads, just visit the Nearservice Insurance Syndicate page and register to get online insurance leads.

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