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Stock trading services - Amana Capital

Stock trading services – Amana Capital

Stock trading services Company in Kenya, Amana Capital is one of the leading Fund Managers in Kenya. We help Kenyans invest profitably. We have a wide range of investment portfolios which ensure that your money gets the highest possible returns.

About Shilling Fund
The fund invests up to 100% in Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, Corporate bonds, Commercial paperand high yielding bank deposits. This fund offers the advantages of liquidity and ease of access coupled with competitive returns.The fund is suitable for individuals with low risk tolerance, short investment horizon and corporate organizations looking to maximize returns on cash holdings. Receive attractive monthly interest on your investment and its easily accessible should you need it for any reason.

Investment Objective:
To preserve capital and provide investors with predictable investment income.

Investment strategy:
To ensure capital preservation, 100% of the Fund is invested in Treasury Bills & Bonds, Selected Corporate Bonds and Commercial Paper and High Yielding Bank Deposits.

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