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Kenyatta Avenue, Phoenix House, 2nd Floor, Left Wing, Suite No 4. (Phoenix house is the same building as the Airtel shop Kenyatta Avenue,and next to Uganda House)


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Phone repair services - Smartcell Technologies

Phone repair services – Smartcell Technologies

We offer many different types of smartphone phones repairs in our shop and service center here in Nairobi Kenya.

We service major brands E.g.: HTC, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, blackberry, Nokia, Huawei, Techno, LG etc.

We pride ourselves on our work; our technical team has been fixing customers phones since the inception of mobile telephony in the country.
Because we also get supply of spares from reputable companies worldwide you can rest easily knowing that we know what we are doing.
We are trustworthy, established company.
Repair Service
Our shop is in the CBD Nairobi, just pop in and get the job done.
Most phones can be repaired same day.

Specialist SmartPhone Repair services
Some common problems caused by day to day unlocking and re-programming are now fixed by our technicians in-house.

These repairs need a lot of specialist work and time, not feasible for busy quacks to do or spend time learning how to do.

Phone Boot Repair Service.

Use this service to to repair the boot and software on your dead phones.

We can repair dead phones when the boot has been damaged due to bad unlock, or general software / CPU failure. This work is needed when the phone is completely dead and cannot be flashed as you cannot connect to it via USB any more.

Boot repair

Screen Replacement / Repair Service

Broken LCD screens are a common occurrence in phones, a small bump or drop is all it can take.
At our store, we are equipped to deal with these little emergencies, and can normally fix broken LCD screens the same day your phone arrives to us

shattered-phone-screencracked screen

Battery replacement Service

On some phones, it’s not easy to change the battery. We now offer our expert fitting services to fit a new battery in your phone

HTC battery

Phone Battery Connector Repair Service
Use this service to repair a broken battery connector on your phone

Phone Buzzer / Vibrating Motor Repair Service
Use this service to repair a broken Buzzer / Vibrating Motor on your phone

Phone vibrator

Phone Charging Port Repair Service
A Common Fault on Phones is “Not Charging”, this is normally caused by damage to the actual port on the phone. This can be caused by wear and tear or forcing chargers in too hard etc.

We can replace the charging block in many phones.

Charging port

Phone Housing Replacement Service
Use this service to get the housing on your phone replaced with a new one.

M7 Housing

Phone Power Switch Repair/Replacement Service
Power on buttons breaking is another common wear & tear problem.

M8 power switch

We can replace the button in many handsets and fix your phone.

Phone Microphone Repair/Replacement Service
When people cannot here you when you are speaking to them, this is normally because your microphone is worn out or damaged.

We can replace the microphone in many handsets and fix your phone.

Charging port

Phone Speaker & Earpiece Repair/Replacement Service
When you cannot hear the caller when they are speaking this is because the earpiece in your phone is worn out, damaged or broken.

Also if your phone won’t make a sound when its ringing, this is because your loudspeaker is worn out, damaged or broken.

We can replace these speakers in many handsets and fix your phone.

M8 Earpiece

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